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בואו לגלות איתנו אופקים חדשים

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Come discover new horizons with us

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Our boutique lectures 

•    We created our fascinating & enjoyable lectures that fit the various communities in the organization: Board & directors, C level, risk managers, information security & cyber experts, control & detection experts, business unit managers, and other professionals. 

•    All you have to do is choose. 
•    We’ll be happy to customize a lecture just for you, according to your organization needs.


Risk Management – A tool in the hands of the board of directors – Our leading lecture 

This lecture is designed for the board of directors and C level. It includes a review of the risk types, risk categories, advanced methodologies for risk management, methods for implementing a risk management culture, etc. It provides practical tools, enabling proper & effective risk management.

BPT – cyber risk management in the business processes 

BPT is the next generation of risk management in this new era. The integration of the business aspect, alongside with the technological aspect, provides a strong shield against the increasing cyber threats.  In this lecture, you'll be learning about different aspects of the business dimension points of view.  In addition, you'll be provided with effective cyber risk management method which we have developed, along with simple & practical tools for cyber risks management in the new era.

Implementation of risk management culture

Risk management culture in the organization, is one of the easiest, most efficient, productive and cost effective way to mitigate risks in an organization. Our ultimate goal is to turn the organization's employees into a risk manager's ambassadors. Together with the risk manager, they will identify vulnerabilities, risks, propose new ways to mitigate the risks and so on. We welcome you to experience this fascinating lecture, and receive effective tools to implement risk management culture, in order to keep your organization safe.

The Inner Threat

In this lecture, we'll be reviewing the advanced method of fraud & embezzlement risk management. Beginning with the theory aspect, such as policy and methodology, and moving on to the practical aspects, such as external/internal fraud investigations. An extremely fascinating lecture that will open up your eyes and enable you think creatively.

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