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Come discover new horizons with us

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For the first time in Israel
A boutique Operational and Cyber Risk Management Certification Course 

For the first time in Israel, a boutique Operational and Cyber Risk Management Certification Course has been established, provided by the international leading organization of risk managers training, the IRM*

  • Experimental learning, workshops, on the job training, a visit in a leading SOC

  • Practical and advanced tools for operational & cyber risk management 

  • Senior lecturers with vast experience from the biggest and the most significant organizations

*IRM - Institute of Risk Management -  

Our Training & Lectures Boutique

For over a decade, we have been giving professional lectures, training, and workshops/seminars. Our variety of subjects include: operational risk management, cyber risk management, fraud prevention, the inner threat, Business Continuity Plan and more. We give training both within organizations and as part of the M.A programs and professional training in Academy Institutions such as Haifa University, The College management, IDC, The Israeli Financial Institution (IFI) and The Financial Academy of BDO. 
We have developed learning methods that include gaming with high professionality, which have been proven to be highly effective.
Our training is directed to various targeted populations within the organization: board & directors, risk managers, information security and cyber experts, inspection & control experts, business unit managers, and other professionals. 
Let's discover new horizons together. 

"I want to thank you Lia and to express my appreciation of your excellent lectures! The professionalism, the content, your response to our questions, the general methodology approach, how updated, in depth and relevant you were, all in the highest level! Finally, a risk management course that has enriched my knowledge (and I'm sure everyone else feels the same), providing real practical tools, and even leaving us with some food for thought."
Dan Rabinovich,
Internal Audit, Central Israel Bank

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