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Risk Management Consultation & Training Boutique Firm

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Bringing Colors to the World of Risk Management

LT RiSKMGMT is a boutique consulting & training firm in the field of risk management. We specialize in operational risk management, frauds & embezzlements prevention, cyber risk management within the business processes, and Business Continuity Program (BCP).

We believe that the accurate processes with the right professionals, maximize the most efficient protection for your organization.

We offer you high-end consulting services, personal mentoring for risk managers, and a variety of risk management training, lectures and workshops for various roles and professions.

We bring a new color into the world of risk management, in a professional yet simple fascinating and fun way for the organization.


BPT- The next generation of cyber risk management

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BPT (Business Penetration Test) is a unique and exclusive method for LT RiSKMGMT, performing penetration tests in the business process. The method combines the technological dimension with the business dimension into a holistic picture, which tells the story of the transaction flow, both in the physical and virtual dimension.

Operational and Cyber Risks Management Certification Course ●   ●   ●

We offer a boutique Operational and Cyber Risk Management Certification Course.

  • Extramental learning, workshops, on the job training, a visit in a leading SOC

  • Practical and advanced tools for operational & cyber risk management 

  • Senior and highly experienced lecturers from the biggest and the most significant organizations

Lia Tsur on one of her many parts on the ‘Expert Plus’ Tv program, for Mako TV Channel

Find out why people choose to work with us ●   ●   ●

"Working with Lia ensures various promising experience. She is capable of identifying the essential vulnerabilities, and bringing creative ideas and solutions in order to mitigate them, while seeing the "big picture" and focusing on what is most important. Lia's guidance and consulting ensures best results along with a pleasant process."

Yael Brazilay,

Head of operational risk management, Discount Bank.


Our Customers ●   ●   ●

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