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BPT- The next generation of cyber risk management

BPT (Business Penetration Test) is a unique and exclusive method for LT RiSKMGMT, which performs penetration tests in the business process. The method combines the technological dimension with the business dimension into a holistic picture, which tells the story of the transaction flow, both in the physical and virtual dimensions. Starting from the initial stage (for example a customer wants to make a financial transaction) to its conclusion (for example: money leaves the bank).
This method enables us to identify combined exposures in the technological and business dimension, and offer solutions for exposure in one dimension by realizing it in the other dimension (for example, defining a business control that provides a solution to technological exposure and vice versa).
Through this unique method, the organization "joins forces" and builds an effective shield for managing cyber risks, operational risks, human vulnerabilities etc. In addition, this unique risk management method allows senior executives to understand the flow of the transaction in the virtual-technological dimension, in a more friendly and clear manner.

Our services: 
•    Identifying cyber vulnerabilities in the business processes
•    Preforming Deep Dive Analysis of significant organizational core assets.
      Analyzing 360° about the assets: authorization, monitoring & detection,
      unit's interfaces, product manager, software manager etc.
•    Setting business controls to mitigate the cyber risks
•    Building a policy and methodologies for evaluating cyber risks 
•    Conducting Game/Interactive based training & lectures 

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