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Know The Unknown

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Creating Business Continuity Plan  

The organization is exposed to emergency events at any single moment. For example, a war, an earthquake, a pandemic, cyber-attacks and more. 
In this new era, organizations are exposed to cyber attacks more than ever. Those events are likely to paralyze the organization’s technological systems not only partially but even fully. 
So, what should be done?
That's where we come in. 
We integrate our knowledge with our vast experience. This integration, enables us to map the critical processes of the organization, as well as creating work processes that will take place in emergency events.
Together, we create an exact business continuity plan, that is perfectly suitable to the organization, and enable a quick going back into functioning as a business.

Our services:
• Mapping the BIA (Business Impact Analysis) processes- Identifying and mapping the critical business systems and procedures 
• Determining the level & time of recovery needed for each system and workflow
• Writing the Business Continuity Plan – BCP –enabling you to get back to fully function, in the optimal time. Our BCP is simple, clear, containing accessible work follow description: who is doing what and how

•    Conducting Game/Interactive based training & lectures

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