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Know The Unknown

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Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention

This is where we integrate practical hands-on experience with advanced methods of risk management, proper planning of the working framework, as well as advanced & innovative controls. Finally, you will be provided with effective protection from internal & external threats.

Our services:

  • Building and supporting organizational framework for fraud & embezzlement prevention: corporate governance, inter-organizational policy and culture, annual work plan, etc. 

  • Building dedicated methodologies for assessing the embezzlement and fraud risks

  • Building professional workflows as well as daily routines and control against embezzlement and fraud threats

  • Implementing anomalies monitoring systems in order to detect embezzlement and fraud

  • Defining control and dashboard reports in order to identify trends and exposures

  • Building response procedures for embezzlement and fraud events

  • Conducting Game/Interactive based training & lectures

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