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Risk Management is not a science, but an art

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LT’s Color

LT is a boutique consulting firm in the world of risk management.

Our expertise is in operational risk management, frauds & embezzlement prevention, cyber risks in the business processes, and Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The firm was established by Lia Tsur, a senior risk manager with over 20 years of experience, out of her passion and love for risk management profession, and her strong desire for passing forward her knowledge & tools to protect the organizations of the new era.

In the current era, in which working online, remotely, and with third-party suppliers is so common, there is a lot of data flowing in the systems, and the work processes continues to constantly change. This has dramatically raised the importance of managing those risks within the organization.

That’s where we come in, and bring a new color to the risk management, adapted to the current era.

Risk management is not a science but an art. We provide high-end performance, enabling maximum protection for organizations by consulting you to carry out the vulnerabilities in the organization, developing the right work processes, building Business Continuity Programs (BCP) for emergencies, advanced practices, and methodologies integrating the operational-technological-business dimensions, personal mentoring for risk managers in the organization, practical and enjoyable training & lectures, suitable to various populations and rolls within the organization.

Looking forward to bringing our new color to your organization.

Find out why people choose to work with us ●   ●   ●

"Working with Lia ensures various promising experience. She is capable of identifying the essential vulnerabilities, and bringing creative ideas and solutions in order to mitigate them, while seeing the "big picture" and focusing on what is most important. Lia's guidance and consulting ensures best results along with a pleasant process."
Yael Brazilay,
head of operational risk management, Discount Bank. 

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