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Know The Unknown

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The financial sector in general and the capital market in particular, are considered to be unique & different niche in the world of risk management.

“We've been there” working within the banks as inside risk managers. We have gained vast experience in the specific controls & risks management, within the activity of the capital market: trading rooms, Over the Counter OTC trading, Israeli & foreign securities, and the operational array. We are well aware of the dilemmas, challenges, and the difficulties managers & employees are facing.

Together, we will remove barriers, and protect your home.

Our services:

  • Building a risk management & control unit - the Middle Office: Control and risk management for dedicated activity, both in the front and back office: risk surveys, analyzing of exposures in the work processes, building efficient controls, etc.

  • Managing Fraud & embezzlements in the dealer's activity within the trading room

  • Raising awareness- experiential training and workshops for implementing risk management culture among the trading room employees

  • Conducting Game/Interactive based training & lectures

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